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Explain the working environment, organizational culture, growth opportunities, and skill development opportunities that you offer. Talk about your compensation, benefits, packages, and policies. She was involved in projects on these technologies in the past, and now, she regularly produces content on them.

node js junior developer questions

Each I/O request is submitted to a demultiplexer that handles concurrency and queues the requests/events. It consists of resources, event notifier/demultiplexer, event loop, event queue, request handler, and more. The HTTP module in Node Js handles HTTP requests and responses. It provides an interface to create web servers and make http calls to web APIs. The HTTP module is also responsible for parsing requests and providing methods to send data over the web.

What is the difference between operational and programmer errors?

A strong answer will showcase your problem-solving skills, your ability to adapt and communicate effectively within a team, and your understanding of the bigger picture. Last year, I was working on a web application for a client using Node.js and React. One day, the client called me, quite frustrated, because some features of the app had stopped working unexpectedly.

node js junior developer questions

If you have a large number of connections, it can quickly consume a lot of memory. This section will provide you with the Advanced Node.js interview questions which will primarily help experienced professionals. It is the foundation of the non-blocking input/output in Node.js, making it one of the most important environmental features. A single thread from the Thread Pool is assigned to a single complex request. This thread is responsible for completing a particular blocking request by accessing external resources, such as computation, database, file system, etc.

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When the asynchronous operation returns a result, it triggers this function to perform additional tasks. Stubs are specific functions that mimic the behavior of certain modules. They are most often used in the test, because they can provide the answers necessary to solve problems that may arise in the modules. Callback function is used in node.js to deal with multiple requests made to the server. Call back function allows the server to deal with pending request first and call a function when it is finished.

Yes, Node.js provides built-in support for cryptography through the crypto module. Yes, Node.js provides a built-in debugger that can be used to debug Node.js applications. ESLint is a popular open-source tool that is used to analyze and flag errors and potential problems in JavaScript code. Libuv is a critical component of Node.js, and it’s what makes it possible to handle I/O operations in a non-blocking and efficient manner. Managing packages in your Node.js project is done using the Node Package Manager , which allows you to install and manage third-party packages and create and publish your packages. NPM stands for Node Package Manager, responsible for managing all the packages and modules for Node.js.

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These are Node Js interview questions for applicants with 5 years of experience or more. These candidates should be familiar with Node Js concepts and be able to handle advanced development tasks. Asynchronous programming is a programming technique where the program does not need to wait for a task to complete before continuing with the execution of instructions. This enables applications to process multiple tasks in parallel, thereby improving the application’s performance. Another reason why these basic Node.JS interview questions are so important is because you can check the basic level of Node.JS knowledge.

  • It moves to the next API after calling it, and a notification mechanism of Events of Node.js responds to the server from the previous API call.
  • On the other hand, locally deployed packages are accessible via require().
  • So, when dealing with TCP streams or the file system, it’s necessary to handle octet streams.
  • An in-house developer would be more likely to take on roles like project manager, and would be a consistent part of your software development team.
  • However, uncaughtException is a very crude mechanism for exception handling and may be removed from Node.js in the future.
  • It’s crucial to mention key differences, such as static typing and compile-time error checking in TypeScript, along with the benefits these features can bring to a project.
  • They also offer after-development support, project management tools, and maintenance.

I’ve reviewed a bunch of coding challenges, and here are a few things that stand out when applicants include them. Lastly, your point of contact at the company should be willing to give you a run-down of the different stages of the interview process. However, I’ve found that while they are usually willing to tell you the type of interview you’ll be doing, they’ll be cagey about the kinds of things you’ll be asked to do.

List down the various timing features of Node.js.

Additionally, Node.js uses a single-threaded event loop architecture, which allows it to handle a high volume of requests without any issues. Single Threaded but Highly Scalable – Node.js uses a single thread model for event looping. The response from these events may or may not reach the server immediately. Traditional servers create limited threads to handle requests while Node.js creates a single thread that provides service to much larger numbers of such requests. In Node.js, process.nextTick() and setImmediate(), both are functions of the Timers module which help in executing the code after a predefined period of time. Asynchronous tasks that should occur in an event loop in Node.js include I/O operations, timers, and callback functions.

Event mechanism helps server to respond in a non-bloking ways and makes server highly scalable as opposed to traditional servers which create limited threads to handle requests. Node.js uses a single threaded program and same program can services much larger number of requests than traditional server like Apache HTTP Server. Node.js is a virtual machine that uses JavaScript as its scripting language and runs on a v8 environment. It works on a single-threaded event loop and a non-blocking I/O which provides high rate as it can handle a higher number of concurrent requests. Also, by making use of the ‘HTTP’ module, Node.js can run on any stand-alone web server. An Event Emitter is a Node.js module that facilitates communication between objects in a Node.js application.

Be ready to share real-life examples of how you’ve resolved merge conflicts and any strategies you’ve used to minimize their occurrence. My go-to workflow with Git involves a few key steps, which I believe helps maintain a clean and organized codebase, especially when collaborating with other developers. When working with other developers, Git enables us to work on separate branches for different features or bug fixes, ensuring that the main branch remains stable and functional. Additionally, Git allows for easy code reviews and merging of changes back into the main branch once they are approved. I like to think of the virtual DOM as a lightweight, in-memory representation of the actual DOM . This question tests your understanding of a critical concept in modern front-end development, particularly in the context of React.

Unlike readFile, createReadStream is effective when it comes to reading and processing large files. If we keep the app and server functionalities separate, the code can be divided into multiple modules, which reduces the dependency between modules. An asynchronous callback is a function that is executed after an asynchronous operation completes.